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Firstly we listen carefully to your brief as we understand that you have come to us with a need for informative imagery either still or video.  Lapwing Drone Photography uses a quadcopter drone which is relatively quiet and compact yet highly capable.  We can produce a video or series of still photographs showing your subject in detail and so answering questions you may have that are beyond a normal ground based viewpoint.


The usual need for a visual inspection by drone is to examine roofs or high level walls which cannot be reached by day to day roof access systems. The use of ladders is not regarded as 'safe' beyond certain heights and the use of abseil access or cherry pickers is often prohibitively expensive as a means of visual inspection. The use of a drone for inspection allows for targeting of these resources to areas which are of concern, usually by a contractor called in to carry out repair work. Peter has worked in the construction and engineering sector since 1979. Experience of roof projects enables him to concentrate the video inspection on areas of interest to you as the property owner, your contractor or specialist surveyor. By definition an inspection can only record what is there to be seen; as the structure is often hidden away behind claddings and coverings and must be inspected by a suitably qualified engineer or architect.


I am a member of my Parish Church Council and we often debate fabric items that are 'out of sight' . These queries seem to result in the likelihood of an elderly church warden using a ladder on his own, which is dangerous and definitely breaks health and safety rules. The option of a cherry picker is expensive and scaffolding usually prohibitive. The solution is to 'take a look' with a drone and then concentrate on the video footage of areas of interest. This can be shared with potential contractors or professional advisers in order to obtain best value for money in repairs. I can also photograph items raised on an Architect's quinquennial (5 yearly) inspection that may be out of site to people at ground level. I am well aware that security is an issue with churches in general and I would state that any images taken of your roof would be confidential with no geographical information attached.


Photographs and video of your property can be taken. The advantage with a drone is that the time of day can be chosen to accentuate any property features, and you can choose the aspect you want the photograph taken from. Please note that privacy infringement legislation might limit the amount of your neighbour's property that can be included in the photograph and to comply with insurance a minimum height of 50m may need to be used.

Estate Agency photographs

If you require simple shots and videos to put on your website these can be provided. These can show aspect and surroundings.

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Group photographs can be taken from a high level viewpoint and include some surroundings. Weddings and events such as parties and family barbecues can be photographed for posterity. Village fetes and events of more than 1000 people can be photographed from 150m away from the crowd as required by the law governing drones.

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As a Quantity Surveyor I am genuinely excited by the software that enables calculation of volumes of spoil heaps. The taking of levels and the calculation of cubic volume of aggregates can be a nightmare for a Quantity Surveyor, but now software is available to calculate the volumes from photographs of stockpiles that a demolition contractor or an insolvent contractor has left on site. This reduces the risk to the tendering contractor by being able to quantify the amount of material involved, or calculate a value of the materials on site. We can also take site progress photographs on a weekly or longer period basis. The examples are of a bungalow under construction. These are of use to clients and architects who may not be able to visit a site frequently and apart from monitoring progress can show construction materials on site prior to incorporation in the works.

Progress photographs of a small construction site
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